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27th Dynamic Econometrics Conference

A forum for empirical economic modelling, forecasting, computational econometrics, time series and much more.

Date TBC Spring 2025

Location TBC


26th Dynamic Econometrics Conference

The 26th Dynamic Econometrics Conference took place at the Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford on the 3 - 5 April 2024. The Conference celebrated Prof. Sir David F. Hendry's 80th birthday and focused on topics to which David himself has made pivotal contributions.


The Conference included presentations by several invited keynote speakers:

Nobel Laureate Prof. Robert Engle, Dr Jennifer A. Castle, Prof. Michael P Clements, Dr Jurgen A. Doornik, Dr. Neil R. Ericsson, Dr. Vivien L. Hendry, Dr. Eilev S. Jansen. 

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The conference also featured a panel discussion with developers of the OxMetrics econometrics software, including:

Jurgen A. Doornik, David F. Hendry, Siem Jan Koopman, and Sébastien Laurent.

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